Showoff is an online talent management system used by some of the largest events in the world for assisting in the management of volunteers, cast, talent and workforce.

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Showoff is the principal product of dxclabs ltd.




Campbell is fascinated by nature and animals.

He rides a push bike, bakes bread and goes to the pub every now and then.

Campbell is from Sydney, Australia.  He has degrees in Electrical Engineering and Dramatic Art.



Dilraj loves to experiment with all kinds of development and technology. When away from the screen Dilraj can usually be found in kitchen, trying new dishes and sometimes it works.

Also he love to run/walk on a sunny day and always enjoy his single malt.

Technically Speaking

Mostly, we develop full stack python based at dxclabs.  We like Postgres databases and JSON objects.

We use Django/Flask for our applications, ranging from APIs, full web sites to microservices.

For our automation and orchestration we use Kubernetes, Docker, Saltstack, Consul and Ansible.

We host and build on various cloud platforms such as Digital Ocean, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and IONOS.

We also have a lot of experience in a number of other programming languages and technologies.

How We Work

We’ll always do our best to fulfil your needs and meet your expectations.  To do that, we think that collaboration is the key to being successful working together.

Our clients range from being totally independent to wanting a fully managed experience with Showoff. Sometimes this changes over time.

We are more than happy to customise how we work with you on your production.

We Love London

We love being based in London.

You can often find us at London meetups for Docker, Django, Digital Ocean and so on.



DXCLABS LTD (DXCLABS) was formed in 2016 and is Registered in England and Wales Company Number 10091906.

DXCLABS LTD registered office is 20-22 Wenlock Road LondonN1 7GU UK.

DXCLABS specialises in providing technology consultancy, design and systems with a focus on rapidly deployed environments in the Media, Film, Event and Entertainment industry.

DXCLABS strives to provide cost-effective solutions deployed in an agile manner balanced against effective security and corporate governance.