You can pay with major credit cards or telegraphic transfer to our UK account.

If you choose to transfer, the funds should be in UK Pounds Sterling.

Once you sign up your project, your plan starts immediately.

You'll be able to use Showoff for first 4 weeks free of charge. This will allow you to setup your project perfectly in Showoff. We will support you the entire way. During period, you will even be able to send a small number of messages from Showoff.

After 4 weeks, we will bill you monthly.

Showoff subscriptions auto-renew monthly until you cancel your project. You can cancel by contacting support or from within Showoff! There is a 1 month notice period required for your cancellation.

The Showoff sign-up (registration) form is embedded in your website using an iframe. This means you only need to insert a few lines of code in your webpage to get people signing up for your project.

The form can be customised so it looks very similar own site.

The iframe and all communication with Showoff is secure.

You must enable HTTPS on your site. We also require you to make your own page secure so participants receive assurance of the security of their form submission. We will only serve an embedded form to you if your site is served over HTTPS.

Not at all. You can direct your participants to sign up on a link which is hosted by on the Showoff site. Small amount of customisation is available so you can use your own colours or Google Fonts to match your own site.

Showoff helps you manage your participants by placing them in pools. Participants can be included in more than one pool as required.

When you start your Showoff project, you will have a number of pre-made pools with common names - such as Staff, Volunteers, Cast and so on.

To help manage your participants, they can be given statuses such as Active, Inactive, Declined and others.

You can manage or message participants based on the status that they have.

Each month, your project will be entitled to 1000 SMS messages and 1000 email messages. You can see the number that you have used in the messaging report in the system.

If you require more messages, they will be charged at 1p per message.

The first time that you create a project with us, we make some steps to verify that your email address and project belong to the company that you have given us. Once we have verified your company, we will activate it and then you will be able to engage and interact with talent.

There is a 24 hour time limit in Showoff before a message (email or sms) can be resent to a participant.

Showoff allows many people to work on a project simultaneously. The time limit prevents people from accidentally sending too many messages to participants.

However, it doesn't stop completely new messages being composed and sent. It just limits repeats of old messages.