Showoff is a great fit for all productions and live events such as festivals, theatre and entertainment.

Showoff reduces the time and effort your team needs to effectively engage and communicate with your participants.

Showoff creates an all-round better experience for everyone.

Participant Sign-up

Sign-up or Registration of participants in your project is simple with our flexible forms which can be embedded in your website.

Forms can be automated to divide participants automatically into appropriate groupings.

If auditioning, participants can select their own audition slots based on their skill sets or other criteria.

Showoff has over 100 questions inbuilt for obtaining demographic and skill information from your participants. The Showoff backend is flexible and permits addition of extra fields rapidly if they are not already available as you become aware of needs.


To provide the simplest experience for participants in your project, Showoff has a project portal for your participants. This means they can access update their own information, see their schedule and communicate with you from the portal.

The portal can also be customised for participants in your project so we can provide FAQs, documents, audio, video and feeds.


Send manual or automatic messages to participants with schedules, instructions, confirmations or problem participants for further or missing information.

Messages can be sent via email, sms or both.

We recommend sending combined email and sms messages to increase message visibility.

Showoff tracks engagement with individuals by seeing when messages are viewed or opened.

Calls & Schedules

Schedules and calls can be set up within Showoff and then sent to participants.

Once set up, sign-in sheets can be printed for manual use or used online with scanners (our recommended approach).

Live reporting and summaries of arrivals and participants on-site are available - so your Production, Creative and Operational teams can have complete visibility of actual attendance.

Showoff can track participation of individuals enabling volunteer/participant rewards and feedback to directors and choreographers.

Document Management

Showoff aims to reduce and streamline the process of document collection to reduce manual and repetitive work for your team.

With Showoff document management, you can request and collect documents such as waivers and agreements, certifications, ID documents or photos.

Showoff manages the process of collecting documents for you including prompting participants for outstanding documents.

Reporting includes follow up lists which can be manually or automatically actioned.


Handling multiple languages comes easily and transparently to Showoff.

Emails and messaging are automatically sent in the language of choice of participants (if translations are provided) making your participants feel comfortable and at home in their engagement with your project.

Sign-up forms and portals are easily provided in multiple languages for your target participants.


Showoff has inbuilt reports for analysing the demographic and skill data of your participants - making scheduling of auditions/rehearsals simple.

Data Movement

Need to integrate with other systems?

Showoff can provide APIs for data transfer to other systems such as security or accreditation systems; into asset management systems or Wi-Fi controllers.

Custom interfaces can be built if required.

Showoff can also import results from other data processes back into Showoff and carry out events based on those results.

Contact us for further information or to discuss your needs.

Security & Privacy

Showoff partitions information to protect the privacy of your participants based on the roles of users.

All activity is logged and audited - which means you can be compliant with privacy laws and requirements without becoming the experts.

Showoff aims to guide you and your team - not to just be compliant with relevant laws - but easily and naturally take care of critically important and personal data of your participants.

Participants can easily make Subject Access Requests for their data from Showoff meaning that it is one less thing for your team to have to look after.

Start For Free

When you start your project with Showoff you’ll get the first 14 days usage free of charge. Play with it, experiment or go straight into finding your participants.

We will support you the entire way. During period, you will even be able to send a small number of messages from Showoff.

During that time, speak with us and we will find the best pricing for your project.

If you need help or more information, contact use at Support or [email protected].

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