Service levels

We shall host and make available the Client Platform in accordance with the terms of this Service Level Agreement.

Uptime and downtime

1. We shall use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that the Client Platform is available 99.8% of the time excluding scheduled maintenance.

2. Downtime will not accrue where the non-availability is due to:

  1. A cause beyond our reasonable control;

  2. Any scheduled, notified or emergency downtime;

  3. A fault on the Client's network or own equipment configuration or telecommunications link;

  4. A fault/bug in the Client’s own software such as firmware, operating system, web browser, infrastructure software;

  5. Any incidents and downtime caused by the Client’s own management of the Client Website;

  6. Third party network, service and/or integration issues or suspensions;

  7. Downtime directly attributable to the public network itself.

3. The Client’s sole and exclusive remedy for any downtime shall be to contact us as set out in this Service Level Agreement and permit us to carry out such maintenance as we deem necessary.

Performance monitoring

4. We shall continuously monitor the uptime levels and shall make available our uptime status to the Client upon request.

Technical contacts and incident response

5. We shall provide regularly staffed email and phone support in the UK during our working hours of 0900 hrs to 1800 hrs UTC/BST Monday to Friday excluding UK public holidays.

Please see this page on how to engage our support services.

Support Query Response Time
General 24 working hours
Urgent 3 working hours
Feature request Product team will advise

This Service Level Agreement was last updated 28/June/2018.

Version History

V1 28/June/2018